Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Christmas Card Templates

It's that time of year again.... and yes, you should be thinking about and doing your Christmas cards this early. Just think how nice it will be come Thanksgiving and there is one less thing you have to do in the month leading to Christmas.
I'm working on some ideas, but remember that I can match any color and change it to any style you desire....just ask!
Here is idea #1
your picture would be there instead of mine of course :)
idea #2
If you have a nice picture, let that be the main focus of the card. I like to keep it simple when you have a professional picture to use
I decided to do a two sided card since they are so popular and I absolutely love them! For anyone wanting them printed on cardstock this is a nice option. It costs a little more, but looks very nice. (This will not work on photo paper)
This may or may not be my family's Christmas card, so if you are on my list, you just got a sneak peak :)
If you like this card but are worried about sending out the same card as me...don't.
I can make it look very different with a different picture and a few clicks of the mouse.